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Property Management

Do you have a home to rent or are looking for a professional company that can maintain your property on your behalf? We will take care of “Tenant Search”, “Rent Collection”, “Bill Payment”, “Regular Inspection”, and “Repairs”. We ensure 'You' as 'Property Owner' generate maximum returns out of your investment through property management services. Our aim is to give you best rental management services and we take care of all your property management hassles. As a property management company, we are indicated to monitor on your rental investment accountability and give you the best return out of it.

Buying & Selling in India

RBA Consultant is a modern day Real Estate Consultant Company which provides NRI an opportunity to Buy and Sell their properties without a hassle of leaving the county and make passive income for their commercial or residential properties. We offer our services for Residential Villas, Flats, Commercial Store Fronts, Commercial Lots, Buildings and Agriculture lands. Without a proper guidance, buying property in India can be a very daunting task, what with the plethora of inexperienced brokers, complicated tenancy laws, title issues and defects, and hidden property issues. We ensure that each and every opportunity we offer goes through rigorous due diligence in order to provide you with a low risk, high reward outcome. At RBAConsultant.com you can easily find property dealers in your locality or in nearby locations.

Estate Management

Here at RBA Real Estate Consultant we handle tenant search, rent collection, bill payment, property inspections, and repairs, in all major cities in India.

We will inspect the property to identify problems, such as issues with plumbing, electricity, painting, gardening, house cleaning and woodwork, etc. As the problems are identified and remedied, we will upload the cost and details regularly to your account. We will provide you with professional photographic results, using mailers or through property web portals, so a prospective tenant will be able to know all the features and amenities in advance. Once the owner is ready to sell their property, we will verify his authenticity, and, once the final agreement has been signed, we will provide regular updates with the latest photographs to your registered property account to help finalize the sale process.