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Rupal Sehgal (President)

Company President Rupal Sehgal has a personal mission to help NRI envisioned to consolidate all Investment aspects of clients need and provide them with the best of the both world’s experiences under one roof. Real Estate knowledge was engraved from childhood in Rupal as her father was a successful Broker / Builder/ Developer and Property Manager in early 80’s, and under his management they have built residential societies in Gujarat India. Currently those properties have sky rocket property value appreciations. Rupal possess diverse practical experience which is beneficial to clients by bringing desirable results.Along with her Real Estate background, throughout her career Rupal have managed over 250 employees and all her expertise and skills have been in Problem solving, People Relation and client retention. Her diverse practice and education background brings a huge beneficial factor for the clients as she takes pride in going out of the box to meet her clients need.

Rupal Sehgal, President

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