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Free Legal Counselling

If you are in debt and have legal problems, you may not be able to afford a private solicitor. However, community legal centers and Legal Aid agencies offer free legal advice, and services are available in every state and territory. A Free Legal Counselling can give you important information about many things. In order to enable people to access and better understand the legal regulations and procedures at almost no cost, we started the project of free legal counsel to bring the law closer to people. Our legal counsellor will address all your legal issues, explain the relevant content and procedures on the matter and suggest reasonable further steps.


Legal and Litigation Matters related to Real Estate Properties : NRI living abroad for years has a hard time speaking the local language and when it comes to the legal language of Real Estate it becomes more challenging. Our experienced legal team can obtain fast and accurate results related to your properties.
Here are some of the major transnational issues one can face such as, whether the owner possesses the title to the property, or whether property is free of encumbrances, the title of the property has been transferred to the appropriate buyer and which is further free to transfer and readily available for sale.Has all permits and records filed and cleared from various government authorities, is there any pending litigations, charges or any government action pending, last but not least, has all documents been verifired to assertion whether registration, mutation is completed. These are just a few of legal matters mentioned above and our legal experts In India can provide you with years of real estate related practical guidance and assist you in the right directions to complete your Real Estate transactions anywhere in India.

Legal Services For NRI's

Our purpose since inception is to offer a practical, responsive and problem free legal service to Indians overseas. Our goal is to help them claim their inheritance or recover and restore their property rights in India. We are focused on pursuing and solving whatever legal issues may arise. RBA Consultant now has a global presence in the USA and our customers are serviced through our most sophisticated, state of the art communications technology. We handle a large volume of cases and maintain constant contact with our clients based in India.