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Legal Counselling

Getting legal information will help you understand your legal rights and options. It will help you find the law that applies to your situation and help you address your legal issue. Rba Consultant is an endeavor to help individuals and organizations to get their legal work done in a cost effective and swift manner. Rba Consultant, we are going to offer a platform to all to get their legal work done smoothly. We help you to consult and hire the best lawyers from District Courts, High Court & Supreme Court. All your questions will be answered within 48 hours through email support. Our Legal Team will access the question based on queue priority and time of submission.

Domestic violence

Domestic violence affects men and women of all ages and walks of life. Victims often feel isolated and fearful of starting a life apart from their abuser. In India where almost half of the population are women, they have always been ill-treated and deprived of their right to life and personal liberty as provided under the constitution of India. Rba Consultant remains committed to reducing violence against women and girls. Every many women are shot to death by a current or former partner, and nearly half of all women killed each year in the India. Domestic Violence Services at the Rba Consultant provide direct and comprehensive support to survivors of domestic violence, and work to create community solutions that prevent domestic violence and promote healthy relationships.

Legal Services For NRI's

Our purpose since inception is to offer a practical, responsive and problem free legal service to Indians overseas. Our goal is to help them claim their inheritance or recover and restore their property rights in India. We are focused on pursuing and solving whatever legal issues may arise. RBA Consultant now has a global presence in the USA and our customers are serviced through our most sophisticated, state of the art communications technology. We handle a large volume of cases and maintain constant contact with our clients based in India.

Property Disputes

RBA Consultants main goal is to assist our clients with all property related dispute situation and provide proper guidance to avoid getting in fraudulent property transactions. Our legal team in India provides excellent professional services who are highly esteemed experienced retired legal panel of experts with vast real life experience. Our team will represent, solve, and finalize all property disputes to suit convenience of overseas citizens. Our job is to assist our NRI clients by educating them and at the same time, inform them of all formalities, procedures, file a Civil Lawsuit in India and provide them sound legal guidance with solutions to follow. You can trust us with all your legal aspects of matters with ease in mind that you are in a good hand with our expert confident team who will handle your issues with proper channel.